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Faucet Repair - Garland, TX

At Garland Plumbing Pro, we know that leaking water faucets are not only bothersome, but also costly. Small leaks can waste up to 3-gallons of Garland water each day and permanently create water spots and stains in the base of your sink. If the constant drip in your sink is driving you mad, we can help.

There are many types of faucets in Garland plumbing and on the market today. Even though they may look different, they all have the same basic parts and are put together in the same basic fashion. Most baths and bathrooms have "mixing faucets" or "stem faucets," which allow the user to select temperature settings by controlling the hot and cold handles. Mixing faucets and stem faucets have two individual units, both of which may need to be repaired. At Garland Plumbing Pro we can take the mystery out of faucet repair. We will also work with you to help determine if a new faucet may be a better choice.

Do you hear drip, drip, drip in your Garland home? Leaking faucets are encountered by all of us in our homes and offices, more often than we can keep track of. Hard use wears out faucets and causes them to leak out drops of water when turned off. Because leaky faucets are not considered serious plumbing problems, many people tend to ignore the dripping sound that faulty faucets make. Dripping faucets that are not fixed are big water and money wasters.

No matter the type of Dallas faucet you have, some tests have shown that by simply installing aerators in all faucets, you can save up to 13% of your annual water usage. For a typical family of 4, this could be as much as 1,700 gallons of water each year. Garland Plumbing Pro can help with this and many other useful water saving tips. Some types of faucets include compression faucets, ball faucets, cartridge faucets and ceramic disc faucets. The complexity of each type varies. However, we specialize in repairing and installing all types of faucets.

Garland Plumbing Pro has built our business on integrity and a good work ethic. We are equipped to handle anything from a simple service call to Dallas sewer line replacements. We are a well rounded, full service plumbing solutions company that really wants to provide you the best Garland plumber experience. Call us and see what sets us apart from the others.

We are committed to making to a satisfied customer. When you need a Garland, TX plumber, Garland Plumbing Pro is the place to call. Call us 24 hours a day at (972) 546-2979.

Garland Faucet Information

Q: Can I replace my two-handle faucet with a single-handle faucet?

A: The answer in most cases is yes. Generally, faucet dimensions and sink openings are standard throughout the plumbing industry. There are few exceptions however, so it is a good idea to check sizes first. If you need help with a faucet update please call Garland Plumbing Pro today.

Q: How do I remove those ugly white mineral deposits from my aerator?

A: Remove the aerator and soak it in vinegar overnight then flush it with water. For really heavy build-up you may need to use a toothbrush.

Q: My plumber recommended I replace by old hose bib with an anti-freeze faucet. How does this faucet work?

freeze resistant faucetA: Antifreeze faucets work by keeping the water supply buried deep inside your house and out of the touch of freezing temperatures. They do this by employing an extra-long valve stem that seals off the water away from the faucet, sometimes by as much as a foot. One thing to remember though; always remove the hose from the antifreeze faucet before the first freeze. The hose may trap water in the stem causing a freeze anyway. We recommend you contact us for a Garland plumbing professional to upgrade your outdoor faucets.

Q: My water pipes “bang” when I shut off my faucets. How can I fix this?

air chamberThat sound is called water hammer. It is often caused by high water pressure in your home. The most common repair is to install an air chamber. This will cushion the water when a faucet is closed. For help with water hammer, contact Garland Plumbing Pro today.

Q: The pull out sprayer on my kitchen faucet has stopped working. How can I fix it?

In most cases the diverter valve in the handle has failed. To confirm this, you should try to remove the spray head from the hose then turn the water on slowly to check the water flow. If the flow seems strong then it’s the valve. You can try to clean the valve however in most cases you will have better success in a replacement. For help with this and all plumbing issues call your professional Garland plumber today.

Q: I no longer get hot water from my shower faucet. Can this be repaired or do I need to replace the valve?

A: Often, the valve can be repaired with a rebuild kit. Shower valves can be rather complicated. We recommend this service be performed by an experienced Dallas plumber.

Q: I have water dripping from under my kitchen faucet. What could be causing this?

A: There could be several causes for this leak. One could be a leak where the supply lines attach to the faucet. Another could be water from the sink flowing back under the faucet. The last may be a leak from the valve housing where a seal has failed. Aside from active leaks, the presence of water under your kitchen faucet could also be attributed to a drain or garbage disposal issue. To properly diagnose and repair this problem, give your Dallas plumbing professional a call.

Q: How do I replace the shower head in my shower?

A: The first step is removing the old shower head without damaging the pipe stem from the wall. This will require you to wrap a towel around the stem while holding the pipe in place with pliers. Next, spin the shower head off with another set of pliers. Once removed, clean the threads on the pipe stem and apply new Teflon tape the treads. Again carefully hold the protected pipe and screw on the new shower head making sure to also protect it with a towel. Do not over tighten the shower head.

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