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Pier & Beam Plumbing

In many cases, it is great to have a pier and beam home as it relates to plumbing. The homeowner has great access to most drain and supply lines that only a slab home could dream of. However, there are several things that need your attention.

In a crawl space, the plumbing system is exposed to the elements. Those elements may be freezing temperatures to pesky critters that have taken up residence under your home. It’s important to check both water supply lines and drains for winter insulation. An exposed P trap can freeze in the winter just as easy as a water line. For this reason, all lines in your crawl space need to be checked each fall either by you or a professional.

Concerning critters, you would be surprised to know what a squirrel or possum can chew through in the search of water. This is even more critical in areas that have summer drought conditions. 

Another important area to watch is the support brackets for your various drain or water supply systems. In most cases, these lines are suspended in the crawl space which could fail leaving the pipes and drains to separate. This inspection can normally be accomplished with a flash light from the opening of the crawl space.

If you find the area under your pier and beam home a scary place then this may be the area you want a professional plumber to tackle each year. The plumber will inspect all plumbing lines for damage and areas of concern.

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