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How to Cut Pipe

The most common types of pipe used in Garland plumbing water supply line applications are copper and plastic. Copper is the industry standard for water lines because it resists corrosion and is extremely durable. Copper is available in various wall thickness and in both rigid and flexible forms. Plastic pipe material varies greatly in application. Some types can be used for water supply lines such as PEX while other styles are used mainly in drain lines or exterior water lines.

Tubing Cutter

Rigid and flexible copper is cut using the tubing cutter. A good “cut” is the first step in creating a water tight joint. When using a tubing cutter, it is important to start the cut evenly with the pipe resting on both rollers of the cutter. Tighten the cutting wheel just enough on the first rotation to score the pipe. The cutter must be rotated around the pipe slowly several times before tightening the cutter again. A slow and even cut is the secret because you do not want to crush the pipe. If the pipe is no longer round then a good joint is more difficult to achieve. After the cut is complete, remove metal burrs from the inside of the cut using the tool including with the tubing cutter. In hard to reach areas, a hacksaw can be used to cut the pipe. Again, slow and straight is the way to go. You should also use a blade that has fine teeth and designed for cutting metal.

Plastic Tubing Cutter

plastic tube cutter for garland plumbingPlastic pipe comes in many sizes and materials. The most common way to cut plastic pipe is with a plastic tubing cutter. This cutter acts much like a scissor by using a sharp blade to slice the pipe. The plastic pipe cutter works great on all flexible types of plastic pipe. Some rigid plastic pipe will require the use of either a hacksaw or power miter saw with a fine blade. The power miter saw is ideal because you will always get a clean-square cut.

Working with pipe in plumbing projects require some experience but once mastered many “handyman” homeowners can tackle small projects with pipe repair. For those that don’t want to take on these Garland plumbing projects, we are ready to help.

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